Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Body Progress

It's that time again.  Time to bare my  body and see what (if any) progress I've made.

I'm laughing in this picture because Andrew was being a spazz. You can see his little foot in the bottom left of the picture as he was crawling out of the bathroom.

Chest is still bony looking. I guess my upper ribs are just kind of prominent.  Boobs have definitely deflated even more since the milk is just about gone.  Yay for fitting into bathing suit tops this summer!

Andrew pulling stuff off the ledge and being a weirdo.

So I think I actually look bigger this month  :(  Maybe it's because I took the picture in the evening after a day of eating instead of in the morning.  Or maybe it's because I have no control and the Easter candy was abundant in our house this month.  Ugh.

On the bright side I did run 64 miles this month to bring my grand total for 2012 to 210.2 miles.  Not too shabby considering I think I only did about 250 miles total in 2011.  I may have even gotten more in this month if my left hip didn't hurt so damn bad.  I have no idea what's going on with it, but it sucks.  I know I've been running harder lately so maybe that's aggravating something.  I don't want to injure it, but I also don't want to take too much time off because I am back on track with my 50 miles/month goal. I'm taking today off and will take some ibuprofen to help with any inflammation.  :::Crossing my fingers that it goes away soon:::

Starting today I am getting back into the habit of logging all my meals and snacks using livestrong.com.  It worked great when I was trying to lose weight before getting pregnant so hopefully it will hold me accountable now and get me back on track.  Beach season is upon us and I would really like to be ready.

Goal for May is 60 miles.


  1. I think you look great! Keep up the great work! I think this month I am going to set a goal of 75 miles, but I walk not run due to two healing ankle injuries!

  2. You look fantastic! I wish I had your determination to get out and run.