Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's Over

That's it. I think it's official. Our days of breastfeeding are done.

It's not that I want to stop completely,  but I think I don't have a choice. The well has run dry.  I have been nursing him in the mornings before breakfast and pumping at night before bed, but it's gone.  I think he might still be getting a little bit - at least from the right side - but it's not much. And now when I pump before bed I am getting less than an ounce (I was getting two ounces or so before).  So I think that's it.  The milk machine is out of business.

I don't think it will be a big deal for the munchkin.  He's been rejecting me for quite some time when I try to nurse him any other time than in the morning.  The past two mornings I have given him a small bottle before letting him nurse and he didn't fight it at all. Of course I should be giving him a sippy instead of a bottle, but so far I'm sucking at getting him transitioned to sippys so whatever.

I'm kind of torn as to what to do. Do I keep trying to nurse him in the mornings and let him get what ever small amount of milk is left?  Or do I just quit cold turkey and switch to giving him a bottle/sippy with his breakfast?  Decisions decisions...


  1. i don't thinking pumping is at all indicative of your actual supply - especially this late in the game. this week, i had to drop my one pumping session at work because i'm just plain not pumping anything. it's as though my body won't be tricked by the pump any more. if you both still like the morning nursing sessions, just keep them up! and for the bottles - i'm not planning on taking bottles away from liam any time soon. he does get a sippy with milk for dinner though. i say to keep doing what works! :)

  2. I know when B started refusing me it was heartbreaking. It was almost easier to just let her transition to a bottle then stress myself out and get upset if she wouldn't latch. You did amazingly, either way!
    I agree with Mama Foosa, B still gets 2 bottles a day, morning and night, and only does a sippy with meals and snacks. I didn't even start to transition T until after 18 months.