Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm Ready!

That is, I'm ready to spend the next four days with the cutest little munchkin I know.

Our daycare is closed tomorrow because Andrea and Marc are going to Colorado for the high school graduation of the first girl that she ever nannied.  I thought about working from home for the day (for about 2 seconds) and then I decided to just take the day off and have a four day weekend.  So, what's on our agenda you ask?  In no particular order, here is what I have in mind for us:

  • Hitting the beach for the first time this year (not that I am feeling ready to be seen in public in a bathing suit).  Something tells me it's going to be interesting this year trying to keep him from eating sand.
  • Blowing up the baby pool that munchkin got from Andrea and Marc for his birthday and letting him have some fun in the back yard.
  • Going to the farmers market downtown on Saturday morning for some fresh produce (still waiting on veggies from our garden) and to let the munchkin dance to the music.
  • Doing some hard-core bottle to sippy transitioning.  I feel like I really need to get him to drink milk out of one - and soon.
  • Possibly hitting up some of the Spoleto events.  We didn't do any last year, but maybe we'll venture out this year.
  • Doing some around town bike rides with my little co-pilot in tow.

  • Getting in some outside runs with my little munchkin so I can quit feeling so icky about myself.

So there you have it - my plans for the next four days with my little cutie. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!


  1. have a beautiful weekend, mama! :)

  2. Ahh! Have so so so so much fun with your sweet one!!!

  3. Have a great weekend! Will you be beaching in MB?

    1. Only if I go up to see my parents, but I think they're out of town this weekend. Most likely just hitting the beach here.

  4. Would you be interested in doing a guest post next week on my blog? If so can you send me an email?