Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Think We Have a New Favorite

After having it laying around in one of his toy bins for months and pretty much ignoring it Andrew has finally discovered the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Love to Play Puppy.

Last night after his bath when he was having a little more playtime out in the living room he dragged it out of the bin.  I don't know if he hit it on purpose, but the little heart on his chest got pushed and the puppy started talking and singing.  And talking some more. And singing the same song again. And again. And again.

I know the puppy says many different things (in a somewhat annoyingly cheerful voice), but since the heart is the only thing that flashes that seems to be the only thing Andrew wants to press.  He sits there with one chubby little finger poking that heart over and over again.  I went to bed last night with that song replaying over and over in my head ("I love you, I love you, morning, noon and night.  I love you, I LOVE you, you make the world so bright")

Giving the heart a nice poke

I'm assuming that the munchkin was also dreaming about the puppy because as soon as I plopped him on the floor after breakfast he hauled butt into the living room and dragged out the puppy again.  While I cleaned up breakfast I heard the puppy asking him for hugs and singing his favorite tune.  Something tells me I better get used to hearing that song.

Anyone else have this toy?  Are you ready to toss it out the window yet??


  1. Elisabeth has one and could care less about it.

    1. Until yesterday that's how it was in our house, too. I'm wondering how long his puppy obsession will last. He was mad when I made him stop playing to go to bed last night.

  2. I loooove you! Can I have a hug? Head n' shoulders knees and toes. KNEES AND TOES! It's been Evie's fave since day one. The day she learned which foot to press to turn it on and off. Not a good day!

  3. aww haha. we have it but the battery died like last july and we never put a new one in

  4. We don't have that one, but we have the Leap Frog "Scout" Dog that sings and has a annoying cheerful voice too. That would be my sons favorite toy. lol.

  5. Oh yes we have the awful toy as well. Thankfully Leland isn't obsessed with it. "your my friend"