Friday, May 18, 2012

Some Daycare Shots

Have I told you how much I love our daycare? Oh yeah, I think I've mentioned it a time or two  :)

Well I'll say it again. I love them.  They are awesome and I am so happy to have them taking care of Andrew when we aren't able to be with him. 10 months after leaving him for the first time to go back to work it still stings sometimes to hand him over in the mornings.  There are still times I wish that I was able to stay home with him - to get to see his smiling face and hear his giggles anytime I want.  It still tugs at my heart every time I walk out that door.

Fortunately Andrea knows how difficult it is for me to not be there.  To make it easier she sends me pictures and videos so I don't have to completely miss out on everything.

Baby Laure and Andrew watching the dog.  Laure is one month younger than Andrew and is a little peanut. It cracks me up to see her standing there.

Andrew at Pitt St for one of their Wednesday outings

Seeing this face and knowing he's having fun makes me smile

His favorite activity - the swings at the park during Friday park day

Marc is officially the baby whisperer.  When Andrew is being a cranky-pants he is awesome at calming him and getting him to nap.  He is also awesome at getting huge belly laughs out of him.

Here is a video of him "walking" at daycare yesterday.

So yeah - we hit the lottery when it came to daycare.  They are fabulous and I'm so grateful that we found them. I guess it really was a blessing in disguise that our first daycare provider died before Andrew could start there (yes - I feel awful saying that).

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  1. Love it! It is clear he is loved like one of their own.

    I am thinking of switching our to an IHDC. We loved ours up until we had to switch from the infant room and now I am not loving it.