Thursday, February 10, 2011

2 more months!

Holy...  How did we get this far already?  I know for some the 3rd tri drags on,  but not for me.  I can't believe that this little guy is going to make his appearance in 2 more months (give or take a few days). 

I feel like we still have a LOT to do.  Like finishing the nursery. Although to be honest he is going to be sleeping upstairs with us for the first couple months so for all intents and purposes it doesn't really matter that the room isn't done.  I'm just impatient and want to see it complete.

Then there is the issue of picking out a name.  J has vetoed some of my top contenders (Owen and Wesley) so we still haven't come to a decision.  Right now I think the top choice is Andrew. I love the name, but I know my sister will be slightly upset if we choose it due to her previously being engaged to a douchebag named Andy.  For the record I detest the nickname 'Andy' and if we go with Andrew he will either be Andrew, Drew, or AJ.  There are still some other possibilities on the list, though. Maybe we should sit down and discuss it again.

I also still need to call the prospective pediatrician.  We're going on the recommendation of several friends - there's not going to be an extended interview process where we meet with half a dozen different practices.  Even my OB said this wasn't necessary.  If we go to a doctor and don't like them - just switch.  My sister (the pediatrician) also said that they hate doing the "interview" meetings because they are generally scheduled during their lunch time which cuts into the small amount of time they have to grab something to eat.  No point in irritating the doctor before we even see them.

Oh, and I got a letter in the mail from the hospital since I pre-registered and it says something about how they expect everything to be paid before the expected due date. Umm - what?  You want me to pay for the services that haven't even been rendered yet?  How about send me a bill once the kid is here?

I'm just in a cranky mood today.  And it doesn't help that I glanced at tonight's TV listing and f-ing American Idol is screwing up my schedule.  I hate that show.

Clearly I am overly hormonal today. Must go get coffee...


  1. clue how there are only two freaking months left for you. It really feels like you were just announcing on ttgp.

    I'm having a cranky Thursday too. At least tomorrow's Friday! Enjoy your coffee :)

  2. I know! I feel like I just announced and here I am at almost 32 weeks.

    The weather here is absolute crap today, too, which always messes with my mood. My yummy coffee concoction with some hot chocolate powder mixed in is helping - slightly. You're right - at least tomorrow is Friday (and payday for me!)

  3. Hey, thanks for joining my blog....although rarely updated. Congrats on your almost here little one! I remember when you posted your BFP and it seems like yesterday.

    I had the same thing happen to me with payment in the hospital. I checked with my insurance company and they said no co-pay so on the day of the procedure, I brought in my ID and my ins card. They wanted $1400 right then and there. What??? you have to be kidding me? you haven't even sent it in to the insurance company to see what they will pay??? They ended up billing me and the total was $700. If I would have paid up front, I would be out $700. Stupid healthcare systems!

    PS- I love Owen....that is on our list of boy names for our future child.