Friday, February 25, 2011

Whoa babies!

This morning I logged into like I do most mornings to check and see what's going on with my fellow April mommies.  Lo and behold there was another April baby born yesterday.  I'm not sure how many that makes total, but I know it's the second this week. Holy....

Sitting here thinking about it kind of terrifies me. I am not ready for our little man to be here.  Hell, we haven't even decided on a name yet!  The nursery isn't near finished, we haven't had the shower yet so there is lots of gear we don't have, and in general I am not prepared for his arrival - mentally or emotionally.

So, little guy, as anxious as I am to meet you and finally hold you in my arms, I do NOT want you to make an early appearance.  Stay right where you are, kicking me in the ribs and punching my bladder, for at least another 5 weeks.  Please?

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