Saturday, February 19, 2011

The renovations continue

Last night J decided to get a head start on this weekend's project since we have to drive to Myrtle Beach today for my parent's anniversary party.  So he dragged out all the things he needed to start scraping the ceiling in the guest room.   For the record, we need to get this ceiling scraped and painted before we get the carpet installed in it and the baby's room.

He poured the water in the sprayer he uses to wet down the popcorn (and yes, that is a weed sprayer)

He wet a section of the ceiling and let it soak in

Just about ready to start scraping it off

I was surprised at how easy it was coming off

He was making some fast progress

Look at him go!

A little more water and we're good to go

In the meantime, all of the furniture from this room is piled into our back room. It used to be the master bedroom before he built the master suite upstairs. Now it's supposed to be the 'man room', but it rarely ever gets used.  Good thing since it's not exactly usable at the moment.

Hopefully soon we'll be able to move the furniture back into the guest room.  At least step one is done and the entire ceiling is scraped. It should be dry enough for us to sand on Sunday when we get back.  We both have Monday off of work and I am being overly optimistic that maybe he'll start working on the crown molding, but I'm not holding my breath.  At least it's progress...

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