Friday, July 22, 2011

Nine whole days!

That's right - once I make it through today I have nine whole days at home with my munchkin. 

No, I'm not on vacation next week. I'll be attempting to work from home for the week.  J's mom has been here the last two weeks to watch Andrew and I figured she would want to go home so I decided to work there.  He will then start in daycare the following Monday (August 1st - which I'm sure will bring on a whole new meltdown from me...).

I'm keeping my fingers crossed the he cooperates and lets me get at least some work done during the day.  I'm so glad that my company is flexible and will let me do this.  As long as we get our work my boss doesn't care where we work from (my office mate will be working from Colorado for 2 weeks when she goes to visit her brother next month).

I can't wait to get to spend all my time with this sweet baby!

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