Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So hungry!

Yesterday when I left for work I was confident that I had plenty of milk in the fridge for my munchkin.  I was thinking that I was actually ahead and would have a bottle left in there when I got home.

Boy was I wrong!

I got home from work (bypassing the gym) and found that Andrew had eaten all the bottles PLUS the 2 oz extra that was in there. What the hell?!?

I had been able to pump 17.5 oz while I was at work, so almost enough for three 6 oz bottles for today.  I nursed him when I got home and pumped the other side, getting another 2 oz.  We went for a nice long walk (during which he slept) and I nursed him again later.  After he was down for the night I pumped again and got another 3 oz.

When I left for work this morning I had three 6 oz bottles and one 3.5 oz one for him.  I'm praying that is enough to last him til I get home.

Now I am sitting here googling 'Mother's Milk Tea' and 'fenugreek' and seeing where I can pick some up.  I'm gonna have to up my production in order to keep this little guy satisfied!

"Feed me, mom!"


  1. Good luck! I'm worried about running into the same problem when I go back to work this week. Let me know if anything works!

  2. I will! I started both the tea and the fenugreek yesterday. I've also started pumping like a fiend. Keeping my fingers crossed that something works and ups my production!