Saturday, November 27, 2010

Aaaahhhh, the house to ourselves

Not trying to sound ungrateful or bitchy, but I am very excited that the in-laws left this morning and that we have the house to ourselves again.  Don't get my wrong - his parents are wonderful people. They are loving and sweet and mean well.  It's just that they are also somewhat heavy smokers (ewww) and when they visit they bring their crappy little poodle (I am not a fan of poodles to begin with and this one is especially disdainful).  Plus his dad is so OCD and some of his habits drive me batshit crazy.  I just want to yell "Quit rearranging our stuff and unplugging our appliances!".  But I don't.

The other reason I am glad for the departure is that my brother-in-law came with them this time.  I try to be nice, but I have a particular dislike for him. He is almost 38, lives at home with his parents, doesn't contribute to the household, finally has a job, and is basically just a freeloader.  He has the maturity of a high school freshman and in general just drives me crazy.  I was especially pissed on Thanksgiving.  He did absolutely nothing to contribute. Didn't help cook, didn't help clean up, didn't do shit.  He was either sleeping, outside smoking and/or talking on his phone, watching TV in the back room, or messing around on his computer.  When I found out that he had been in our liquor cabinet the night before I almost punched him in the face.  Then when he had the nerve to tell J and I that if we didn't go out in the living room and watch the football game that was on (the 8:00 game between the Jets and Bengals) that he was going to change the channel to something he wanted to watch I about lost it.  I said "Don't tell me what to do - some of us are actually busy cleaning up."  He went in the back room and pretty much avoided me the rest of the night.

I try to be civil, but it's kind of hard. I know all of the crap that he has pulled in the past. And knowing that he has stolen from J, has thrown away every opportunity that he has been given, and has basically been a drain on society and a waste of space - I just don't have any respect for the guy.

Needless to say I am in a chipper mood now they they are on their way back to Charlotte.  J and I can relax, I don't have to brush away the crappy poodle, don't have to get frustrated with my BIL's constant trips to our fridge to eat our food, don't have to listen to the hacking coughs of the smokers, and can watch my game in peace.

Now to decide it we want to tackle decorating the tree today...
Our 9 ft bare tree in our living room

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