Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I think I'm starting to get the side eye

When I am at the gym. Especially when I hop off the treadmill after my run and am huffing and puffing.  I don't wear tight clothes at the gym, but some of the tank tops I wear are somewhat snug - so it's getting a little obvious that there is a bun in my oven.

Last night I made it to the gym for the first time in over a week (damn cold!) and I got back on the treadmill.  I did a nice 4.05 mile run - not setting any land speed records, but I got my distance in.  Only 49 more miles by the end of the year to reach my goal.

Anyway, when I was done and turned around to get the spray and the towel to wipe down the treadmill I noticed a guy looking at me. And then when I went to stretch another guy walked by and glanced at my belly.  Now, I'm not huge by any stretch of the imagination, but by the end of the day it is popping out a little more.  I can still run comfortably (albeit at a slower pace) so I am going to continue as long as I can.  I kind of can't wait to see the looks I get once I do get bigger!

How far along? 20w2d - baby is the size of a cantaloupe.  That seems really big!  They must be talking about a small melon.

Weight gain/loss: +12 lbs.  Ugh.  I blame part of that little jump on my lack of gym time last week. Back in the saddle this week!

Maternity Clothes: Still holding out.  Trying to see how long I can last. I did buy more at Old Navy online yesterday in preparation for when I can no longer fit in regular clothes. Couldn't pass up the 40% off deal.

Symptoms: My colon sucks, I'm getting periodic headaches, and my tailbone feels like I got kicked with steel toed boots.  Fun times.

Gender:  Thinking boy and hoping girl.  One week til we find out!

Sleep? I'm sleeping ok - especially with the cold medicine  :)  (and yes, it has been ok'd by my OB)

Best moment this week? Not much happened.  We did look at cribs online and I love the fact that J is showing excitement and getting more involved. I think he feels disconnected since he isn't physically going through any of it, so it's nice to see him connect more.

Movement: Still nothing - although I did feel two thumps last night, but I can't positively say that was baby.

Food cravings/aversions: Nada.  I do love me some fruit, though.

Belly button in or out? In and praying it stays there for a while longer.

What I miss? Being able to sit in a chair for more than a few minutes without discomfort.  It's not all the time, but sometimes  my tailbone just aches.

What I am looking forward to? Finding out what's cooking - one more week!

Milestones: Now officially half baked. Eeeek!

What I'm nervous about: The fact that in less than 20 weeks we will be totally responsible for this brand new and completely helpless little person. Holy crap - what did we get ourselves into?!

And here is my 20 week bump:

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