Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween candy is the devil!

This morning I hopped on the scale as I tend to do a couple times a week (but hadn't for days). I quickly jumped back off in horror. That number can't be right, can it?  How can I have gained 3 lbs in one week?  Ahhh - damn you mini Snickers. And mini Three Musketeers.  And mini Butterfingers.  Most of all, damn you my complete lack of willpower!

So today I made sure to not grab any Halloween candy and I packed lots of healthy snacks to get me through the day. Baby carrots, an apple, some grapes, a pear, Light & Fit yogurt, and lots of water. I need to get this weight gain in check before I pack on 50 lbs!

For the record, I am chalking 1 lb of that up to the fact that my colon appears to be on strike yet again and I have been an uncomfortable mess for days. Miralax is no longer my friend. We are barely on speaking terms. I may need to find a new friend to go along with my Sunsweet prunes...

Anyway, here is this week's check in:

How far along? 18w1d - baby is the size of a sweet potato.  Speaking of which, we really need to figure out what the heck we are doing for the holidays this year.

Weight gain/loss: 10.5  lbs according to my scale this morning.  Holy shit!  NO MORE HALLOWEEN CANDY!!!!!

Maternity Clothes: Still not wearing any, but I bought three more pairs of pants from Old Navy that will be here this week.  I figure I may have to break down and switch in the next week or so. I refuse to buy any pants with that hideous panel in them yet.

Symptoms: As mentioned above I am at odds with my colon yet again.  Something is going to have to give soon.  Also, I get this weird sore spot in the small of my back sometimes. It feels like someone kicked me and that there should be a bruise, but there isn't. It's normally gone the next day and has only happened twice so far.  Oh, and I've been getting headaches lately. Spectacular.

Gender: My dad thinks it's going to be a boy because I was a tomboy as a child.  Ok dad - whatever you say!  22 days until the big reveal.

Sleep? I have been so much more tired this past week, but for the most part I am sleeping just fine. 

Best moment this week? Scoring some free baby loot from my sister and letting my niece show me all the things that she picked out for the baby. She is too cute!

Movement: Still nothing. I'm getting impatient!

Food cravings/aversions: None and none.  Must stay away from the candy, though.

Belly button in or out? In and still normal.

What I miss? Nothing has changed on this front.  Beer with football still.  And regular bowel movements. 

What I am looking forward to? Finding out the sex - can't believe it's still three weeks away!

Milestones: Our first baby purchase - the jogging stroller.

What I'm nervous about: The whole daycare situation. We are meeting with a woman this afternoon and I have an appt at a daycare on Wednesday.  I just really want to get this part figured out.

Here is a pic from this morning of my 18w1d 'bump'.  Honestly I just look thick, but that could be the sweater.

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