Friday, November 5, 2010

Craigslist score

Yesterday at lunchtime J and I went to check out a jogging stroller that I had found on Craigslist.  I know some people will say "I can't believe she would put her baby in a stroller that she bought used off of a stranger."  To those people I say "Whatever".  We want a jogging stroller and I don't want to spend the $430 on this one brand new in the off chance that we don't like it or don't use it that often.  If we want to we can upgrade later, but I think this one will be perfect for now.

Anyway, it is a Baby Jogger Performance Single and is in great shape.  We drove up there and checked it out. Hand brake works great, the front wheel is very stable, it shows very little wear, no rust (which in this salt air is impressive), very clean, it folds up easily, they had the mosquito netting that goes over it, and in general it seemed great.  I happily handed over $90 and we put it in the truck and headed back to work.  Now I will be set to get a jumpstart on losing the baby weight once this little bambino makes an appearance in the spring.

Here is a stock photo of the one that we bought - same color and everything.

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