Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh boy!

I just had a feeling the last few weeks and it turns out mom's intuition was right.We have a little man in there!

The very first shot was right between the legs and there was really no doubt:

Kelsey, the same tech we had for the NT Scan, was getting all the shots and measurements that she needed. Except when it came to getting the face shots.  This little guy is stubborn - just like daddy, and would not move his hands from in front of his face. Or if he did, he would turn his face away from the camera/wand.  It was actually kind of comical.

She was able to get some good profile shots:

And a funny shot of him waving at the camera:

And some pictures of his cute little feet:

This one is kind of weird - looks like a frog leg:

After trying for a while to get the face shot she gave up and had me go see the doctor. She told me to come back in when I was done and we would try again.

The doctor measured me (I guess it was good) and was glad to see that my blood pressure was back down.  When I was done we headed back into the u/s room to try again.  Still not cooperative, but after a few minutes she got what she needed.  And we were on our way with a bunch of new pictures and a list of people to call.

My next appt is Dec 28th and is when I'll have the glucose test.  Oh joy.

All in all it was a great appointment and even though at first I was hoping for a girl I am truly happy that we have a healthy baby boy growing in there.  And my dad is excited for his first grandson - finally some testosterone in the family!

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