Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Not the best start to the day

This morning as I was finishing up getting ready for work J went downstairs.  After a minute or two he yelled up to me.  "The tree fell over".  Ugh.

I walk downstairs and he already had it upright again, but that whole half of the living room is covered in pine needles. And there is water everywhere.

We went to work sopping up the water with towels and he had the tree kind of leaned in the corner.  Three years ago our tree fell over twice, so he chucked that tree stand and we got a new one the next year.  It has worked fine for the past two years and we didn't have any issues.  I don't know if this year's tree is bigger or what.  It wasn't leaning and it wasn't wobbly.  When we got the tree at Lowes we did see stands for 10 ft trees, but opted against getting it thinking ours would be fine. Obviously a mistake.

I think J is going to get a new stand today for the tree.  I feel bad because he IM'd me earlier saying "    that damn Christmas tree has me pissed off..."

I wanted him to be in a good mood because I planned on us decorating the tree tonight while watching The Grinch and Rudolf that we recorded on tv last night.  Something tells me he won't be in the Christmas spirit tonight.

On the plus side - at least it wasn't already decorated so we didn't break a bunch of stuff.  Oh, the joys of the holidays...

Oh, and I would've snapped a picture of the wreckage, but I didn't want to add any fuel to the fire.

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