Friday, December 3, 2010

This could be dangerous

I need to run to Target today at lunch to get some essentials (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc).  Now, I normally have a hard time getting out of Target and spending less than $40.  It's going to be even harder today, since now I know what's baking in my oven.  Something tells me I will be making a beeline to the baby boy clothes.  And baby clothes are just so freaking cute.

To be fair we have not bought a single thing for this little guy yet - except for that jogging stroller and let's be honest, that's more for us.

There is something else baby related that I definitely want to check out while I am there. I found this bedding online the other day and it is so cute that I think I have to have it.

Now by no means are we going to go Snoopy crazy and do the entire room with the wallpaper borders and window valances and throw rugs that they have in some of the pictures. That's just a little too much Snoopy.  But I think the bedding is adorable and will go great with the sage green walls that we plan on doing.  I think the bedding, the mobile, and a cute little lamp will be great and then we can do the rest of the room with the blue and tan accessories to tie it all together.

So this could end up being a somewhat expensive shopping trip today. Good thing it's a payday Friday!

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