Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I moved south to get away from this crap

Woke up this morning to 23 degree temperatures.  What the hell?!?  This is Charleston. And it's not even officially winter yet. It's NOT supposed to be this cold here!  If I wanted this kind of weather I would've stayed in Pittsburgh.

I think I am just overly cranky because I am still having pain in my ribs from pulling whatever I pulled last week.  And I haven't gone the bathroom in four days which is leading to some discomfort.  And I may have overdone it at the gym last night and I had a little bit of cramping and a teeny tiny bit of spotting which has me freaked the hell out.  And I am tense thinking about having to go to Charlotte this weekend. Really really really am not in the mood to deal with my brother-in-law.  I hope he doesn't think I am wasting my money to buy him a Christmas gift (call me Scrooge, but that waste of space didn't even give us so much as a card to congratulate us on our wedding. He can afford to buy cigarettes but couldn't drop $3 on a card?  Whatever.)

I keep telling myself I just need to get through this week and this weekend and then next week is a three day work week. Then I have a six day weekend and a two day work week the next week. Woo hoo!

Anyway, here is my check in:

How far along? 23w2d - he's a little over a pound and around 11.5 inches I think.

Weight gain/loss: +14.6 as of this morning, but as I said above, I haven't had a bowel movement in four days so my real weight gain could be less.

Maternity Clothes: No maternity shirts yet, but I do wear a pair of pants every so often to work. My normal jeans still fit.  I did wear a pair of maternity yoga capris to run in last night and loved them. Need to get a few more pairs of them.

Symptoms: As mentioned above - cement bowel is back full force  :(

Gender:  It's a boy!!!

Sleep? Sleeping well. I've been sleeping with a heating pad to try to loosen up and soothe my aching ribs.

Best moment this week? Our crib was delivered on Saturday and I bought the stroller yesterday.  Wow - this is really happening!

Movement: Oh yeah - and I even felt him from the outside on Saturday. I was hoping J could feel it, but then the little guy stopped moving.

Food cravings/aversions: None.

Belly button in or out? Still seems pretty far in, not that I'm complaining about that!

What I miss? Pooping  :(

What I am looking forward to? J getting to feel the little guy move.

Milestones: Finally buying some of the big items

What I'm nervous about: I was very nervous last night because I didn't feel good when I got done running and when I went to the bathroom I had a tiny bit of spotting - very very light.  All night I was laying on the couch concentrating on feeling him move so I could know that he was ok in there.  I was talking to him asking him to kick so I knew he was ok and it was bringing me to tears.

And here is this week's bump photo. I got yelled at by a friend on Sunday for not looking pregnant yet, but there is definitely a bump there:

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