Tuesday, December 7, 2010

At least it LOOKS a little more like Christmas

Last night we finally decorated our tree. Yes, the tree that we put up the day after Thanksgiving.  But to be fair, it fell over last week and we were kind of waiting to make sure it wouldn't take another nose dive.

Since J was still suffering the aftereffects of his spectacular hangover we skipped the gym and decided to get to decorating.  Me balancing my pregnant self on a bar stool to help with the lights at the top probably wasn't the best idea in the world, but I didn't fall so it's all good.  Four strands of lights, bows, bulbs, ornaments, and some beaded garland later and we were all done.  Add that to the decorations we got out over the weekend and it's starting to look like Christmas in our house. Too bad I am still not really in the Christmas mood.  Maybe some cookies will help that...

The mantle with our huge stockings

Our tree - hard to get a good shot with my crap camera

Little Santa and Mrs Claus in the foyer - the little guy on the right is a dancing Santa

J's mom got us these snowmen last year. My new favorite Christmas decoration.

Dining room table and the console table behind it with our nutcrackers

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