Friday, December 10, 2010

4 more months

So I came strolling into my office this morning and glanced at the calendar on my wall.  Then it hit me - today is December 10th. Meaning this little guy is due in just four months.  Holy $#@*!

Four months doesn't sound like much to me. Especially when I think about all we have to do.  Maybe I'll feel better if I list out the things we've actually accomplished:
  1. Found childcare and reserved a spot
  2. Bought the crib (should be here today or tomorrow) and mattress
  3. Started the registry
Ok - I was wrong. That made me feel worse.  Seriously, that's all we've accomplished so far?  That can't be right. There has to be more.

I guess to really scare the bejeezus out of me I can list out what we need to do:
  1. Nursery (empty room, scrape and paint ceiling, paint walls, refinish dresser, find a glider, assemble crib...)
  2. Pick a name - or a couple since I don't want to pick something that just doesn't 'fit' when he makes his appearance
  3. Finish the registry (decide on stroller, car seat, high chair, monitors - ugh - so much baby stuff!)
  4. Buy this kid some clothes. I don't think one fleece outfit and some NC State onsies are gonna cut it.
  5. Register at the hospital (need to wait til after the 1st of the year since my insurance is changing)
  6. Pay the maternity pre-payment (after Jan 1 to use flex money)
  7. Register for some classes
  8. Fill out short term disability paperwork for maternity leave (not til March)
  9. Find a pediatrician. I wish my sister was in a practice in Charleston instead of traveling all over the place to work.
  10. Get a railing put on the stairs.  We've been sleeping upstairs in the new master suite for 2 years and there is still no railing on the stairs.  Not good if I'll be carrying the baby up and down the steps.
And there are probably a bazillion other things that I'm just not thinking of at the moment because listing out what I already did above is overwhelming enough. 

Oh, and my mom asked me to have the baby early if possible since she has to go to Florida for some work thing on April 14th. Ummm, yeah - I'll get right on that mom.

Ok, now that I am freaked out I need some coffee to relax me.  Hey, at least it's Friday, right?

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