Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This has to be a record

At least for me it is. Here it is, December 8th, and I am pretty much done with my Christmas shopping. This never happens.  I am normally one of those people hitting the stores for the last minute sales on Dec 24th.

Maybe this will put me more in a Christmas-y mood since now I won't be stressing out about what to get people and what still needs to get done and all that crap.  Plus the fact that it's only going to be 40 degrees here today (what the hell?!? This is Charleston for crying out loud) makes it feel a lot more like the holidays.

Yesterday I was an online shopping machine.  I got J an NC State t-shirt for his birthday (next Friday) and then found these and couldn't resist:
I got the 6-9 month size so our little guy will hopefully fit into them just in time for football season next year.  These will be part of J's Christmas present.  I also bought him some fancy alarm clock/ipod/iPhone docking station/charger thingy that he had been looking at but hadn't bought for himself.  I need to make a trip to Harry & David at lunchtime today to get him some peanut butter stuff (he LOVES peanut butter) and maybe get come stocking stuffers and I'll be done.  We aren't going overboard with the gifts this year since we have some big expenses coming up.

After that I got on and found all the gifts I needed for my dad, sisters, and brother-in-law and I was done.  Mom's gift and my niece's stuff was all bought on my little shopping spree on Sunday.

I was in such a good mood from my accomplishment that it took my mind off of the agonizing pain in my ribs every time I coughed or took a deep breath.  I appear to have pulled a muscle during one of my violent coughing fits so now it feels like I am getting stabbed under my right boob any time I have to cough, sneeze, breathe deeply, or pretty much move.

I burst into tears from the pain on the way home yesterday and J felt so bad for me that he put me on the couch on a heating pad after dinner and let me relax while he was doing laundry.  If only I could take some heavy-duty painkillers...

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  1. Congrats on finishing the christmas shopping - what an accomplishment! Feel better :)