Saturday, December 11, 2010

My husband, the little kid

When J's parents were down here for Thanksgiving his dad gave him this train set. Apparently he had bought it as a little kid and he still had it.  So obviously this thing is pretty old.

This morning J decided to get it out so we could see where to put it and if it would still work.  It's a Lionel Train set - not a very big track so we can't put it around our tree.  Instead we put it in front of the fireplace.  There is an oval track, an engine, three cars and the caboose.

He got it all out of the boxes, blew the dust off of it, and set it up.  It was sparking a bit (had me a little worried!) and making a bit of noise, but eventually it came to life.  He has been messing with it for the last 30 minutes and it cracks me up to see him all excited.  He's such a little kid at heart. Can't wait to see him with our little guy  :)

Here is a little video of him messing with the train:

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