Monday, December 13, 2010

Another decision made

On Friday I went to BRU to test drive some strollers at lunch.  I thought I would like the Graco ones, but it turns out I hated them.  Too bulky, too heavy, car seats that only hold a baby up to 22 lbs, and they didn't feel super stable when you had the car seat on the stroller.  The Chicco ones to me seemed about the same, but were $100 more (at least).

Then I came upon this one:

It's the Baby Trend Freestyle Travel System.  I loved how easy it is to steer, that it's not super heavy, the car seat is very stable when it's locked onto the stroller, it has nice large adjustable sunshades, and the stroller seat lays completely flat to basically turn it into a bassinet.  As an added bonus it has speakers and an mp3 hookup in the parent tray (not a deciding factor, but a nice little surprise).

I got back and did some research on it and saw great reviews. The car seat is good for a baby up to 30 lbs, the stroller is good for a child up to 50 lbs.

I sent the link to J to see his thoughts.  He liked it and told me to go ahead and get it.  So today at lunch I will be going and getting our stroller since I have a 20% off coupon for BRU - meaning I'll save $40 on it.  Plus I think his mom wants to pay for it (as well as the crib) so now we'll be able to tell her how much it was.

So excited to have another decision made.  Now if only we could get started on the nursery...

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