Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Met my goal... now can I quit?

34:00 run and 1:00 walk

I'm proud to say that last night at the gym I ran 3.7 miles, and with that mileage I surpassed the goal that I set for myself at the beginning of the year.  And with 10 days to spare.  I wanted to average 50 miles/month for an annual total of 600 miles.  I am now at 601.

600 miles would have been a piece of cake had I not gone and gotten myself knocked up.  My little running partner has made it a little more of a challenge the last few months.  But I say that completely jokingly - I wouldn't trade this little guy for all the easy runs in the world - or anything else for that matter.

Of course now that I reached my goal I keep hearing from everyone that I need to quit running. It's starting to kind of get on my nerves.  I want to say "Quit telling me what to do!", but I don't.  I know they mean well, but I know my body and I will know when it's time to stop doing what I am doing. 

Some of the people that are giving me this "advice" are people who were completely inactive during pregnancy and used being pregnant as an excuse to eat everything in sight.  I am not doing that.  I don't want to be like my friend who has a daughter that will turn 2 next week and is just now getting back into her pre-pregnancy jeans.  No thanks.  Plus, a healthier and more fit me will (hopefully) lead to an easier labor and delivery and recovery.  Fingers crossed.

Here is a breakdown of my annual mileage:

Jan - 38.9 miles in 5:50:38
Feb- 23.6 miles in 3:20:19  (had a stress fracture in my foot and had to take a few weeks off)
March - 60.9 miles in 8:24:28 (to make up for slacking in Feb)
April - 46.9 miles in 6:33:32
May - 57.7 miles in 7:53:23
June - 76.0 miles in 10:23:19  (my most impressive month)
July -  57.0 miles in 7:36:49  (BFP was July 30th)
Aug - 65.2 miles in 9:09:00
Sept - 49.3 miles in 7:14:00
Oct -  45.3 miles in 6:33:00
Nov - 42.5 miles in 6:17:28
Dec - 37.7 miles in 5:44:00

Grand total of 601 miles in 84:59:56  (3 days and 12 hours worth of running).  Yay me!

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