Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Seriously dude - it's not even Thanksgiving yet

I know I tend to be a little moody and pretty easily irritated - and that was before becoming pregnant and being one raging hormone!  Anyway, I try to keep things in check at work. No one ones to be around a grouch (case in point, our one co-worker who I refer to as Eeyore since a black cloud seems to follow him and he is an extremely negative person).

Today I am a still getting over this cold that J so lovingly shared with me (ugh), so I am a little more irritable than usual.  Add in the fact that my bowels are revolting against me and holding everything hostage and I am not a happy camper.

The last thing I am in the mood for is my co-worker's overly exaggerated and flamboyant conversations coupled with him already playing Christmas music in his office.  Not trying to be a grinch or anything, but can we please get past stuffing ourselves with turkey before we start in with the jingle bells?  Don't get me wrong -  I love Christmas, but I hate hate HATE how it starts getting shoved down our throats before the leftover Halloween candy has even been removed from the shelves.  And to be perfectly honest, I think I like Thanksgiving even more than Christmas. I love a holiday who's only requirement is to sit around and eat and watch football.  No presents to buy, no stress and pressure - just good old fashioned gluttony. Now that's  a holiday I can get behind.

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  1. I agree with you 150%! Thanksgiving is about the 3 F's, family, food, & football! No shopping at the butt crack of dawn for that must have gift for the kid that already has everything. Or buying gift cards to exchange with family & friends that probably bought you the same gift card. Or a whole day of wrapping said gifts, uggg! Plus Thanksgiving still has the pretty fall colors and not cold icky snow (hopefully!)