Monday, November 22, 2010

Why I'll never root for George Mason in anything again

Last night was the championship game for the Charleston Classic.  It was Georgetown vs. NC State for tournament champion - go 'Pack!  The game was supposed to start at 7:30, but was a little late because the 3rd place game went to OT.  That game was between George Mason and Wofford.

I was actually happy to see Wofford win because GMU had been annoying me with their pretentious band.  See, none of the other schools had sent their actual band to perform during the tourney. Instead local high school bands were assigned to support each team. For NC State it was the West Ashley High School band.

Well, GMU had a good band - and they knew it. And they flaunted it.  Bands are supposed to kind of take turns performing during time outs and TV breaks.  The first game that we saw GMU play - on Thursday night, their band took on the 'bully' persona and kind of didn't let the little high school kids play. It was rude in my opinion.  Sure, they have a really good band, but those high school kids were excited about the opportunity to play and I felt bad for them.  The high school band director got more assertive as that game went on and that band was able to get some playing time.

It was the same type of thing the next night. At least that time GMU lost the game, so I took some satisfaction in that.  Last night, like I said, they were in the 3rd place game and they lost.  Well, they decided to stick around for the championship game. I was thinking to myself "They better not showboat and play during this game - they aren't even playing in it.".

Well, they did.  So the two high school bands that took the time to come out on a Sunday night and support these teams had to share time with the obnoxious GMU band.  I rolled my eyes every time they played and with my hormones I was so ready to go find their band director - wearing his pimp suit and sunglasses - and tell him I think they are very disrespectful and rude to take time away from the bands that are supposed to be playing.

So going forward I will no longer root for GMU in any sort of tournament because I think they are rude and just plain obnoxious.  That's just my 2 cents...

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