Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year! (a few days late)

Our first new year's eve as a family of three was very nice.  Our friends had a party at their house from 3:00 to 6:00 - complete with jump castle in the back yard for bigger kids and a countdown to the new year at 6:00. The neighbors probably thought we were insane when they heard us outside doing the countdown six hours early, but it was fun with the little kids blowing their bubbles and blaring their horns.

Andrew being entertained by our friend, Jay

Gotta love being able to hang out on NYE in t-shirts and flip flops

Trying to gnaw on J's beer bottle.

Andrew isn't the one that caused all of this destruction (just some of it!)

Evan and Andrew playing with a glowstick

"Oooooh!  Glowstick!"

New years day we went out to Sullivan's Island to watch the polar bear plunge.  We didn't take part in it, although this would have been the year to do it since it was 70 degrees.  Instead we watched the crowds, met up with some friends we hadn't seen in a while, had a few beers, and enjoyed the day.

Andrew entertained himself chewing on the strap of the sling (when he wasn't trying to get his hands in J's beer)

This was the biggest crowd that I had ever seen for the plunge. Everyone came out due to the nice weather and they raised about $50,000 for Special Olympics

I wish I had gotten some pictures of some of the crazy costumes people were wearing

I left at 3:00 with the munchkin because it was past his naptime and I knew he wouldn't sleep with the crowds of people around. While we walked back to the car I thought he might pass out in the stroller. Then I looked down and saw this:

He was sitting forward, holding onto the tray and humming. I literally laughed out loud as we walked the rest of the way.

All in all I would say that it was a very nice new years and I can't wait to see what 2012 holds for the three of us.


  1. I love the early NYE celebration. I barely made it to midnight.

    The polar bear plunge looked like a lot of fun {to spectate not enter}.

  2. happy new year to you and your adorable little family :)