Friday, January 6, 2012

I guess it's time to start babyproofing

Last night while we were (finally) gathering up all of the Christmas decorations to put them away we had Andrew on the living room floor with some toys so we could keep an eye on him.  He was content for about 10 seconds, and then he spied something he would rather play with and did this:

Oh boy!  I know he's over 9 months old so it's not like this is to be unexpected, but man - I'm not ready for him to be mobile!  Now it's gonna be even harder to get him to cuddle with me.  Please stop growing so fast little munchkin.


  1. awwww that was adorable :) go andrew!!

    have fun baby-proofin' this weekend, mama!

  2. J was making fun of him saying he looks like one of those puppets from a Christmas special since he is so stiff and jerky when he does it. I realize that before we know it he'll be taking off across the floor. We have a LOT of work to do this weekend!

  3. We need to finish baby proofing. So far all we've done is cover the outlets and say "no" a lot.

    Have fun this weekend!

  4. Oh goodness! Good luck, I feel we are fairly baby proofed and ready for this when it comes. But at the same time I won't know until he gets into everything!

  5. OMG! I almost died and it's not even my son! I can't even imagine how it feels to see your little baby do that. Good luck on the baby proofing ;-)