Friday, January 20, 2012

A huge congratulations!

I just received a text from my best friend (I was in her wedding September 2010) and she delivered their baby girl this morning!

Her exact words were "George Clooney just delivered our baby girl :)" because the doctor that is on call from her practice this weekend is the cute one and she was all worried that this gorgeous doctor would be the one all up in her stuff.  I cracked up when she told me that because it reminded me of the episode of 'Up All Night' when the baby is born and she didn't want the cute doctor because she didn't want to poop on the delivery table in front of him  :)

Anyway, I am so happy for them and can't wait to see more pictures of their precious baby girl.  Of course fawning over pictures of a squishy new baby is going to make me want another one.  Especially when I think back to how adorably squishy my little munchkin was.

So here is Christina with her incredibly proud father:

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  1. aww congrats! Love the name ;-) and i LOVED that episode of "up all night" haha