Saturday, January 7, 2012


I discovered something new today.  Actually, I discovered two new things today.

The first one is that Andrew loves to be tossed into the air and caught. Loves it. We're talking huge belly laughs and squeals of joy. He loved it so much that I did it over and over again. I started to worry that he might get sore under his arms from being caught like that (not that I was heaving him several feet into the air or anything). He didn't seem to mind so I gave him a few more tosses.

Fast forward a couple hours and I made my second discovery. Tossing my almost 20 lb munchkin into the air repeatedly and catching him has some pretty painful side effects. Namely that my back is now killing me. I thought my arms might be sore, but I stupidly wasn't thinking about my poor back.


So now I am lounging on the chaise with a heating pad on my aching back after downing some ibuprofen.  Fingers crossed that I'm able to move tomorrow. At least it's the weekend, right?

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