Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thankful for our daycare

Our wonderful daycare providers take the kids to the park every week. As seen in my post below, Andrew is a huge fan of the swings.

And apparently playing on the swings and at the park gets the kids all tired out:

Andrew napping with Gavin on the walk back from the park

I love that Andrea and Marc send me cute pictures like this during the day if they do something particularly fun.  It makes my time away from the munchkin a little easier.

I know that daycare is tough. It's hard to find a setup that you love and thinking of someone else taking care of your child isn't always easy. My best friend, who happens to be due with her first child this Sunday, decided that she doesn't want her daughter in a small daycare like ours because she is afraid that her baby will become more attached to the daycare provider than to her.  I am the exact opposite (and think that's really silly). I wanted Andrew in a small setting because I wanted him to be comfortable with his caretaker.  He absolutely loves Marc and it makes me happy to know that he has a good time with him during the day. I know that Andrew loves us the most and it doesn't worry me or make me think that he will be more attached to Marc or Andrea since he is with them all day.  When I see Andrew's face light up when I walk in every afternoon to get him it makes me smile.  What makes me smile even more is if I can sneak in without him seeing me and I can watch him for a minute or so and see how happy and content he is.

I know I've said it before, but I am SO thankful that we found such great care for our munchkin. He is the most precious thing in our lives and knowing that he is in good hands during the day makes such a difference.


  1. I love my small daycare too. That was the only way I could find a job. I was planning on staying home but a part-time teaching gig came into play and I jumped on it. She was at a larger center until a spot opened up in our current daycare (3 weeks) and it was 3 weeks of hell for both of us. I almost quit my job because I couldn't see her so unhappy, which was making me unhappy. But, yes, great daycare is the only thing keeping me working.

  2. that is great you love your daycare! I am still struggling this week with her going (first week). I just miss her so much! What is the name of the daycare you use? Is it in Mt. P?