Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This is why I smile every day

Life as a mom - particularly a working mom - can be challenging.  There aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done.  And I don't feel like I get enough time with my little munchkin during the week.  I have an hour or less with him on weekday mornings and at most 3 hours with him in the evenings depending on if I pick him up that day and what time he goes to bed that night.

I know that probably seems like plenty of time to spend with him, but it's not.  Especially now that he is learning so much and figuring out how to do new things.  One of my fears before was that he would start crawling at daycare and we would miss it. He did come close to doing it there for the first time, but he waited until that evening to actually do it for us. Or maybe Andrea just let me think that I saw the first time and if that's the case then I thank her for letting me have that.

So yeah - I still miss my munchkin during the day. It's gotten a little easier as time has gone on, but Monday mornings still sting when I have to drop him off. I relish getting to hang out with him all weekend and watch him do his cute things so it's hard for me to hand him over after two days of having him all to ourselves.

That is why technology rocks.  I can take videos of him being adorable and funny and then watch them if I start to miss him too much.  Kind of like this:

Crawling around naked in his shark towel after his bath

Or this:

Chasing after our little vacuum.

Or this one from last night:

Fun in the tub.

Yep - even when I miss him terribly he still makes me smile like crazy.  Love that kid!