Monday, January 23, 2012

Who needs toys??

Yesterday Andrew kept trying to reach/climb into my laundry basket when it was in the living room.  Since he seemed to want in, J picked him up and plopped him in there and threw in a few toys.

He loved it:

He actually got mad when we took him out.  Apparently he was enjoying his makeshift playpen.

Then this morning I had him in the kitchen with me while I gathered up everything for the day. He of course made his way back over to the drawer that he discovered previously. Only this time he wasn't content to just open and close the drawer. This time he started reaching in and he pulled out some of the cookie cutters that were in there underneath some of the towels (don't ask me why they are in there).  Between those and dragging the rug around he was having a good time. And yes, I took the cookie cutters off of him so he wouldn't mangle his gums - after I took the pictures.

Oh, and his favorite things to play with in the car are a package of Tic-Tacs (that we inspect to make sure he is not close to getting open) and an empty plastic water bottle that we flattened and put the top back on. He likes to squeeze it and make noise and swing it all around.

Yeah - so why am I spending all this money on toys again???

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  1. hehe Liam loves climbing all over the laundry basket, too. water bottles and opening & closing every drawer he can get to are also some favorites :) silly babies