Thursday, January 6, 2011

After Christmas sales rock!

Yesterday I had a hair appt at 6:00 (see pics below) so I had some time to kill before I needed to go.  I decided to hit Target since I needed some essentials (saline, hairspray, and of course some Miralax).

While there I obviously wandered over to the baby section to see if they had any sales on baby clothes. Score!  Their Christmas stuff was 90% off.  I had trouble actually believing that, but figured I'd take my chances and see what they rung up as at the register.  So I got these outfits for the little man for next Christmas:

Only $0.79

It says 'My 1st Christmas'

Little santa suit with hat for only $1.50. Perfect for Christmas pics next year.

I also picked up some running capris with the foldover waist (helps support the growing belly) and one maternity shirt.  Still no luck with finding jeans, though.

Then it was time to head to my hair appt.  I had her take a little more off this time than I normally do.  No, I'm not doing the stereotypical 'become a mom and hack off all your hair' thing, but I did get a little more length taken off. My hair is so freaking thick that I can stand to lose some.  It definitely feels a bit lighter and I'm happy as long as I can still pull it up in a ponytail when I need to.

Here are some before and after pics:
The 'before' was taken in the car in the parking lot and the 'after' is this morning at my desk - hence the costume change.  It might be hard to tell, but I do have a lot less hair. And if you saw the floor in the salon after she was done you would've thought that a small animal had exploded. Hair everywhere.

My next appt is in 11 weeks when I'll be about 38 weeks along. Gotta get in there and get pretty before this little guy gets here and all hell breaks loose!

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