Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Yay Snoopy :)

Yesterday when I got home after work and the gym there was a box sitting on the porch in front of the door.  The plush blanket and mobile I had ordered from Baby Metro (way back on Dec 9th) had finally arrived.  I ordered them because Target doesn't carry them so I couldn't put them on the registry.

The blanket is so nice and soft. I can't wait to wrap our little man up in it.

The baby Snoopy and baby Woodstocks on the mobile are adorable. I didn't take it out of the packaging yet, but it is so sweet.

Now, we aren't going to overdo it in the nursery with all Snoopy stuff. I just really like the bedding so that is what we are going with.  The only other Snoopy items I registered for are the coordinating lamp:

And the diaper stacker:

I may take the diaper stacker off since I'm not sure I want it any more. That might be too much Snoopy.  We aren't going to go crazy and do the wallpaper border, window valances, and wall hangings because as cute as he is, that is just too much Snoopy.

Now if we could only get started on actually working on the nursery...

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