Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Am I talking to a wall??

Seriously - this whole baby shower thing is about to put me over the edge.

Yesterday my friend called me and said they were making it a couples shower and they need the list of invitees ASAP. I told her no, I had already told my sister to please not change any of the plans and leave everything is it was.  I am fine with it being girls only. I really don't want to put anyone out and at this point just want to get the damn thing over with.

I emailed the three of them with my (somewhat puny) list yesterday.

This morning I have an email from my sister saying it's now a couples shower and they need the list of people to invite.  I again told her to please leave the plans as they were.

I send an instant message to J saying that still no one is listening to me when it comes to the shower.  His response?  "Well you can't have it both ways... you keep up and you are going to end up with nothing".  Gee - thanks for the support and understanding.

Now I'm starting to get pissed.

If someone had just talked to me and clued me in on what was going on then this wouldn't have all blown up.  I get that they were trying to make it a surprise, but once J saw me getting upset he should have said something.  I wanted a couples shower because I thought he wanted to be there and I thought he had people he wanted to invite. Now I find out that he is pretty much ambivalent about the whole thing. If that's the case then I don't even want him there.

Ugh - why didn't I just keep my mouth shut from the get go???

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