Friday, January 14, 2011

I looked like an extra from 'True Blood'

This morning I had my dentist appointment bright and early at 8:00 AM.  I of course flossed in preparation for it and due to my swollen pregnant gums had quite the mouthful of blood.  I haven't had any issues when I'm brushing my teeth, only when flossing.

Well, the hygienist went to work on my cleaning with her little scraper.  Pretty soon my mouth was filled with the metallic blood taste. Excellent. At least I'm not suffering from any sort of morning sickness or that probably would not have gone over too well.  As it was, I was in the reclined seat and the little guy didn't seem to be enjoying that position. Lots of kicks and squirming from him throughout the process.

She finished up her scraping and flossing (with many pauses to squirt out and suction my mouth) and moved on to the baking soda spray cleaning.  I'm still not sure if I like that stuff.  It doesn't seem to get my mouth as nice and clean as regular brushing.  Plus now my lips are all salty and sore.

Anyway, I was given my little goody bag of a new toothbrush (which I never use since I have a Sonic Care), some floss, some toothpaste, and an appt card for July and sent on my way.  Strange to think that the next time they see me I will officially be a mommy.  Eeek!

Now I need something to drink to get the blood taste out of my mouth.  Coffee should take care of that quite nicely...

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