Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What is THIS?!?

Last night after rubbing some lotion on my itchy belly I did a little closer inspection.  No stretch marks to be seen, but I found something else that I thought was equally disturbing.  These blue veins all over my stomach.  Not super dark, but definitely visible.  What the hell?!?  Where did these come from?

I came running out of the bathroom and yelled to J "Look at this!" pointing at my veiny belly. He just busted out laughing and finally said "It's probably gonna get worse.". Umm - thanks dude. Just what I wanted to hear.

I guess on the bright side the veins are just under the skin and will hopefully disappear. Seems better than stretch marks for now...

And here is my weekly check in:

How far along? 27w2d - he should be somewhere around 2 lbs and 14.5 inches.

Weight gain/loss: holding steady at +19 lbs this morning. Trying SO hard not to eat any of the remaining junk food in the house. J said he wants it all out of the house by this weekend - I hope he plans on gorging himself, then. I know I don't need to eat it!

Maternity Clothes: Some maternity clothes and some regular clothes.  Whatever is comfy and covers my belly.

Symptoms:  Not sure if this is a symptom, but I have this weird painful spot on the outside of my right knee. It feels like there should be a bruise, but there's nothing there.  And as usual, my uncooperative colon and achy back.

Gender:  It's a boy!!!

Sleep? Sleeping well for the most part. It's starting to get harder to get comfortable - especially when he decides to do calisthenics at 4:00 AM.

Best moment this week? J finally feeling the little guy kick.  The smile on his face as he was feeling the movement was priceless.

Movement: Lots. And apparently he does not like when something is resting on my belly. If I have a book or something on my stomach he will kick/push out against it. It's kind of funny.

Food cravings/aversions: No real cravings, just always hungry.

Belly button in or out? Still in thankfully.

What I miss? Being able to balance on one foot to put on my shoes, painting my toenails, hard runs, and being able to walk around without the constant pressure on my bladder.

What I am looking forward to? Working on the nursery - if only I knew when that would happen...

Milestones: Less than 90 days to go!

What I'm nervous about: How I am going to feel when I get even bigger. I already feel like a house and can't imagine what it'll be like in another month or two.

And the obligatory bump pic:
Work bathroom pic

And just for fun, here is a picture from last night. I wanted to see if maybe the bump looked bigger in the evening, since it sure feels bigger!

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