Monday, January 17, 2011

Finally some progress

This weekend we finally made a little bit of headway with our nursery. Almost everything is moved out of the room so J can start scraping the hideous popcorn ceiling on his day off today (I don't get MLK Day off or I would help).

Here are some shots of the (almost) empty room:

View from the hallway.  The mattress on the floor is only in there because the dogs were sleeping on it. They are being booted today.

You can see we already have a baby gate, but that has been used to keep the dogs out of things. I guess we should get a new one when the little guy starts walking.

And the reason that the ceiling needs to be scraped. We had a leak from the skylight upstairs and now there is water damage.  Plus popcorn ceilings suck and this is one of only two rooms left in the house with it. Time to upgrade.

Also this weekend we got the dresser that we are going to use sanded and stained.  Thankfully the weather was nice during the day and we were able to do this outside on the deck.  This is an antique dresser that we got from his grandmother. I hope she isn't pissed that we stained it, but the color before was awful and now it will match the crib better.

The stain is called Bombay Mahogany - a nice dark brown to better match our espresso crib. We'll be using this as the dresser and changing table.

Here are the drawers. We need to pick out some new knobs to put on them since the old ones were pretty ugly.

I know it doesn't seem like a ton of progress, but based on how little we had done before I am pretty happy with it. I'll be even happier if J gets the ceiling scraped today.  We still need to decide on a wall color and go pick out new carpet.  The rest of the house has hardwoods, but this room and the guest room still have carpet and we are leaving it that way.  Softer and warmer for the little man to play on.

Mostly I want to get things done so we can finally set up the crib. I am dying to see it in the room.  Maybe I should call J and make sure he is awake and getting started...


  1. We have that same ceilingin our kitchen/dining room / living room. We also havewaterdamage in theliving room andit is atrocious!I hate it. I can'twait for it to be fixed but since all of those rooms are connected we are waiting until summerish to fix it since we are now in the process of upgrading our bathroom. I swear my next house will be brand new ha.

  2. We had popcorn throughout the house but a few summers ago had the kitchen, dining room, hallway, old master bedroom and two bathrooms scraped. We covered the vaulted ceiling in the living room with beadboard and the upstairs addition that J built had smooth ceilings. The two bedrooms are the only rooms in the house left with it. Can't wait until it's all gone!