Friday, January 28, 2011

Expanding his wardrobe

Yesterday our network at work kept going in and out.  Kind of frustrating when pretty much everything we do requires online access and email.  After not being able to do anything more than play Spider Solitaire and sit around and chat for several hours we gave up and packed up our stuff and left for the day. 

I had plans for dinner with some friends at 6:00, so I had a couple hours to kill.  First stop - Babies R Us.  I wanted to test out some gliders/rockers to see what we actually want to get.  I found a couple that I like and they were all comfy, so I don't think we can go wrong.

I looked at their baby clothes that were on sale, but they were still a little pricey so I passed.

Next stop - Target.  I found one maternity shirt that I liked on sale, picked up a few new sports bras (that I'll need to return), and headed to the baby clothes section.  I found a 30% off rack and dove in.  I found one cute little outfit:
6 month size for $6.28

And these little jeans:
6 month size for $4

Then I headed over to Ross to peruse their baby clothes section.  They have a decent selection and if you browse you can find some pretty good deals.  I picked up the following for our little man:

A set with two onesies and the cute pants with the tiger on the butt for 3-6 months ($6.99)

This is on the light blue onesie from the set

bib, onesie and cute pants with a bear on the butt - 3 to 6 months ($3.99)

Cute little monkey onesie 3 pack - 6 month size ($4.99)

And my best purchase of the day was this one:

$0.49 for this 6-9 month onesie. Score!

I came home and showed J all of the clothes.  His reaction?  "How many outfits does he need?".  I told him that babies make messes and generally go through more than one item of clothing a day.  Granted at the beginning he will be living in onesies, but I want to make sure he has some stuff to wear for when we leave the house. I have no intention of just sitting around the house for the 3 months that I am on maternity leave. I need to make sure he is ready to hit the town with me  :)

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