Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I hope that isn't what I think it is

Last night after the gym (4.04 miles - woo hoo!) I came home and hopped in the shower.  As usual, after I was done I started to rub some lotion onto my increasingly itchy belly and did my inspection for stretch marks and to see if those funky veins are still visible.  Yep - still there.  But then I noticed something else.  It appears to be the faint beginnings of that gross line that stretches up to the belly button (linea nigra I believe it's called).

Aaaahhh!  NOT what I wanted to see.  I know it's a normal part of pregnancy and that it will fade away several months after the baby is born, but still - it's gross.  And for someone who is already self conscious about all the weird happenings going on with my body this is not good.

Not that I am going to go over the edge because of this, but I was really really really hoping this is one part of pregnancy that I would bypass.  I mean, it's weird enough seeing my naked body in the mirror in this new and unusual shape without having a funky dark vertical line dissecting my belly.

At least as I am sitting here typing this our little guy is doing flips in my belly and letting me know he's there.  I love these times when it's just me and him - our quiet time.  I can sit and talk to him without someone thinking I'm nuts for talking to myself.  Now if only I could talk him into not giving me a gross belly line...


  1. Not only do I have the gross line (still faint), but it also looks like I have a huge perfectly circular bruise around my belly button.

  2. I keep obsessively checking my belly to see if there are any more developments. So far it's no darker, but I have a feeling it's coming.